Our expertise

We have complete command of the skills needed to implement your project

Design: Steap Stailor
 handles the end-to-end design of production lines for liquid or semi-liquid products, from raw materials to supplying packaging lines with finished products. We also incorporate dimensioning, the provision of generators and the distribution of utilities (ice water, softened water, steam, compressed air, etc.)

  • System advice and audit
  • End-to-end design of plants and workshops
  • Prototype design
  • Design of tanks

Assembly & Installation:

Steap Stailor
 has its own workshops and assembly teams, which guarantees complete control of system implementation. We also supply independent unites (CIP stations, fruit injection and dosing stations, demineralisation units, pasteurisers and UHT sterilisers, etc.). Steap Stailor has also designed a scraper device for emptying pipes, which has become an industry standard. It is particularly suited to the food-processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries (SteapStailor patent).

  • Workshop pre-assembly
  • On-site assembly
  • Platforms small tanks
  • Incorporation of external peripheral equipment
Electricity: Steap Stailor
 has an electrical department, which takes charge of designing and implementing your systems.

  • Design
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Building cabinets and switch boxes
  • Cabling and networks

Automation: Steap Stailor
 has an automation department, which provides functional analysis of your project, the development of programmes, supervision aiding process control, FAT and SAT tests, as well as on-site commissioning.

  • Program development
  • Management of
    • PLCs

    • micro-computers
    • operator terminals

    • supervision
  • Networks (Ethernet, Profibus, FIPIO, CAN, etc.)

Traceability: Steap Stailor takes in account the traceability at all product processing stages.

  • Database management (Access ®, SQL server, etc.)
  • Production of reports
  • History creation
  • Product identification
  • Material stock control