Who are we?

The company’s origins date back to 1980 and it is the result of a merger between two companies, Steap and Stailor. With the benefit of more than 30 years’ experience, we specialise in the turnkey design and implementation of liquid and semi-liquid processing systems.

Our clients primarily come from the food-processing, cosmetics and biotechnology industries.

Viewed as a key player in the sector, our expertise is now recognised by major industrial corporations. We support our clients’ development both in France and abroad (European Union, Eastern Europe, the Maghreb, the Middle East, South America, etc.)

Key figures :

We are a growing company and generate half our business from export. We are the only integrator to have four sites in France, allowing us to be closely attuned to our clients’ needs and expectations.

The fundamentals :

We pay close attention to the trends and requirements of the markets on which we operate. Every project forms the subject of an in-depth study and technical optimisation, thereby offering our clients controlled system investment and operating costs, as well as optimum time of start-up. Research and development of ever more innovative solutions, which are tailored to our clients’ requirements, are our main focus.